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Monday, April 2, 2012

book descriptions

In Thebes Book 1: The Mermaid

A mythical demission named Thebes is at war. The only people that can stop it are two punk teenagers. That are supposed to be human …. But maybe aren’t. So when God shows up and tell Minerva she is his chosen Prophetess and that she is the only light. She must find her true self to defeat the demons. 

In Thebes Book 2: The Prophetess

Minerva is kidnapped by some canine Planetaes and when she finds a pack of wolves that can help her. She also discovers two pups that catch her eye. She becomes their care taker and grows to love and care for them. So when Joe shows up out of nowhere and the She-Alpha, also the pups` mom makes him challenge her mate. She gets killed and no one but Minerva cares enough to take the pups and adopt them. But with Joe there he grows to love them to. So adopts them and both quickly claim the pups as their own. But when Minerva finds out she has the spirit of Deborah things change BIG TIME. 

In Thebes Book 3: Terra Mortis Desperatio

Four humans that Joe and Minerva love have been kidnapped and held ransom. But the cost is very high and could mean the end of the war, but not for the good. When the kidnapper calls and wants the Excalibur of King Arthur`s that only Minerva can give, because Deborah wasn’t only the greatest prophetess in the bible. But also the Lady of The Lake. And Minerva and Joe's relationship ... heads to the next level? 

In Thebes Book 4: Fairy Tales and Deals

Married? To Joe? Oh yeah don't forget that little war thing going on. And when Miv runs away and lives with bounty hunters for a month. She comes back with way powerful magic than before. She can even beat Alasdair in a battle! But now it might just be the end of the war.

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