Welcome To Thebes


Hello everyone! I guess this is just where I tell you why I`m here blah blah blah. Anyway no I`m going to tell you my mind version of the first lesson with Minerva.

"Its drekke not that hard" I said. I know it is hard your first time performing a spell. I don`t want to, i heard her think. I roll my eyes. I was sitting in the chair. Holding the book hoping to find some tips to make it easy. When you don`t need the thing the spell is for it gets harder than ever to perform it. I was about to flutter my wings when I realized I dont have my three pairs anymore. It felt out of place and odd. I turned the page. Nothing to help her. "I can`t do it Alasdair" she said. She rolled her R and I lifted my head. "Yes you can" I pointed to the desk. "Drekke" I said. A cover popped up on the desk. I performed this spell mutiple times I get so used to it by now. I can say the word and it pops up on where ever I want it. "I`m sorry, I`ll try harder than" there was a sharp click in her voice like she was mad. Not sorry. "Its not your fault, and thats all I ask" I pushed a button but thats why i said it. When a fairy gets mad or excited it helps them fuel their magic. "Drekke" She shouted at me. A cover popped up on her bed by where she was sitting. She threw it at me. "Thank you, do you have your room on freezen its cold in here." I said. I opened up the cover and covered myself up. "I get hot easly so i keep it cold." Her eyes dropped. I walked out and closed the door. Knowing that magic wears a fairy out thier first time at a spell. This was normal. She is probably a sleep already. I walked to my room and sat at my desk. I opened up a book and started reading.

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