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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


More commonly known as Son of Darkness. Check out this awesome wikipedia page to check out more about him!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Music that inspired me :) During fairy tales and deals

Trapt - Headstrong

Eye of the Tiger

Here without Three doors down

Lifehouse - Hanging By the Moment

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New cretures in book 3: Elves

The Dark Elves are a race of harsh, warlike and vicious Elves. They are cruel, sadistic raiders with much disdain for all other races, especially their lighter kindred the High Elves. Many believe they are the most pure evil of all races of elves. Unlike the High Elves, who continually seek to suppress their passions lest they be overcome by them, the Dark Elves willingly embrace their hedonistic nature. Dark Elf society emphasizes individualism, selfishness, and pride. They have little regard for one another and even less for the other races of the world, whom they see as potential slaves and subjects.learn more here

Gray Elves are unusually tall for elves, but are also more thinly built, lacking the strength and agility of their lesser cousins. Living in the mountains has accustomed them to harsh climates and the like, and as such they are more enduring than common elves. Gray Elves are among the smartest of elvenkind, and this is probably what contributes to their somewhat aloof behavior towards other races, including other elven races. Gray Elves tend to wear noble clothing and armor, with the mages wearing splendid robes colored white, silver, yellow, or gold that are often adorned with shining metals such as silver and mithril, or jewels. The Gray Elven warriors tend to don chain or platemail of shimmering metals; they also tend to wear metal helmets sporting distinctive wings. They prefer deep blue or purple cloaks. learn more here

This is a high elf learn about her here

New creatures in book 3: Sea creatures

This is a Selkies you will learn more about them in the third book but for now if you want to learn more about them click Here!

Dolphinmer have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a doplhin. They are frightinging agile in the water, and exceedingly playfull. They tend to be on the smaller side of most merfolk, though streamlined, and pretty much perpetually youthful in appearance. gonna be in book 3 check out this link to learn all kinda things about them to help you understand the book This link!

These are orcans! Orcans, as stated, have the upper torso of a human and the lower body (tail) of an Orca. They are typically large, often of a size with Tritons and about as strong. They`re gonna be in book 3 to! So learn more here

Learn about Octomers here

Learn about tritons here

Monday, April 2, 2012

book descriptions

In Thebes Book 1: The Mermaid

A mythical demission named Thebes is at war. The only people that can stop it are two punk teenagers. That are supposed to be human …. But maybe aren’t. So when God shows up and tell Minerva she is his chosen Prophetess and that she is the only light. She must find her true self to defeat the demons. 

In Thebes Book 2: The Prophetess

Minerva is kidnapped by some canine Planetaes and when she finds a pack of wolves that can help her. She also discovers two pups that catch her eye. She becomes their care taker and grows to love and care for them. So when Joe shows up out of nowhere and the She-Alpha, also the pups` mom makes him challenge her mate. She gets killed and no one but Minerva cares enough to take the pups and adopt them. But with Joe there he grows to love them to. So adopts them and both quickly claim the pups as their own. But when Minerva finds out she has the spirit of Deborah things change BIG TIME. 

In Thebes Book 3: Terra Mortis Desperatio

Four humans that Joe and Minerva love have been kidnapped and held ransom. But the cost is very high and could mean the end of the war, but not for the good. When the kidnapper calls and wants the Excalibur of King Arthur`s that only Minerva can give, because Deborah wasn’t only the greatest prophetess in the bible. But also the Lady of The Lake. And Minerva and Joe's relationship ... heads to the next level? 

In Thebes Book 4: Fairy Tales and Deals

Married? To Joe? Oh yeah don't forget that little war thing going on. And when Miv runs away and lives with bounty hunters for a month. She comes back with way powerful magic than before. She can even beat Alasdair in a battle! But now it might just be the end of the war.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey everyone this is the blog on my book :) im so happy to have a official website for it where i can have met the characters and inside information and sneak peeks! Each character is going to have their own page on here! Where is their mind wasn't shown up on in that moment it will now! hope you have a great time reading! So for the ad on my book on you tube click this link