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Hey PEPS! Waz up?! Joe here with all the information you need for Thebes! Well dont need but what was left out of the book. The side stories lets say. Anyway im here to tell you that part and stuff. SO heres my view on when i show Miv my sketch book.

I pulled it off the shelve. Well aware i was going to have to tell her about the pictures. i sighed and walked to the desk and sat it in front of her. She opened it up and I pratically ran to the love seat. Trying to get away maybe she`ll forget I`m here. "Joe" CRAP! "What is this" she asked me. "My dad and mom fought a lot. i dont mean like scream. Like full out fist fights." My voice was shaking. I never told anyone. "They beat me sometimes. My dad didnt want to spend a dime on me. I have to get half of my clothes from charity." Also non- stop lawn work to buy me food and hair dye. I needed hair dye to hide that  i didnt have money. See hair dye is expensive. "I`m so sorry" I sat up and she came and sat beside me. i put my head on her shoulder. her hair tickled my nose and i sighed. I thought it was the oppisite me putting my head on her shoulder. But she didnt mind and besides her hair tickling me. Making me feel like Im going to sneeze. I was fine. "I wanted to make something out of myself. That way they think. Oh, we shouldnt have done this and apologized. I would have accpet their apologies. But not give them money, help them, nothing for them." I dont love them, i know thats sad. but after what they done to me do you blame me? I wouldnt cry if they die either. I lefted my head and looked at her. My eyes met hers and i think im the only one who can hold the wise stare. But what i saw wasnt the `wise` stare. It was her eyes filled with sadness and pity for me. "Do you want to go look at more pictures?" I said. She nodded and got up. She went and sat down and started turning the pages. I blocked her from my mind by building a mental brick wall. But i felt her pull away. She knew i wanted to be alone in my head. But i wanted her here. I was glad she was the first person i told. I stared at my moon painting. It turned out like how i saw it in my head. I can hold up her wise stare. But her sad stare breaks my heart and i just want to look away. Or comfort her. But i know i was the reason she was sad. Half the time i was around her she had the wise stare or was laughing. Im not used to the sad face. She laughed and i looked up. "I remeber this" she said. Her eyes were laughing and she - like always - made me happy again.

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